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Craig Jacks and John Shepp Duo Gong Show Tour

The Gold Dust Pub, Hedley, BC August 28th

Skinny's Grille, Silver Creek, BC August 29th


Best Regards To Mic and Ted...
See You Across The Great Divide


Today I heard you and your brother on CBC. I thought the whole family story was pretty wonderful. When I got home I googled you. Your generosity in putting the whole album online for free is commendable. The players are amazing and rich. I'm about to get my wife and my 11 year old daughter to come upstairs and listen to "thanks for coming". Soon as I stop mixing tears and snot on my face.

one of the best alt. country albums i have ever heard! That voice. those songs, this production crafted as if written and played by a pack of wise old wolves. It is no wonder wolves smell a hundred times better than humans. This CD has become my top choice to impress my freinds with, like a hidden rare precious jewel.
--Bobby Bigwheel

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