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The Coalmont Rises Again · 14.02.05

Our new host Paul Joy placed this sign in the hotel pub's window, letting the locals know they may be forgiven for past transgressions.

Coalmont, B.C. Arising from the uncertainty that was left when previous manager Peter Jack left without warning (but with many of the treasured fixtures, including the wolverine) the Coalmont Hotel owners parachuted a capable, cocksure fellow in to guide the hotel into the future. A slow beginning, as the hotel suffered plumbing damage due to lack of heat in the upper floors and kitchen. But the old girl was still looking hopeful as El Jefe and myself climbed the creeky front steps once again after a three month absence.

The Coalmont was the inspiration behind much of what is the core of the Jackalopes, as the music is rough hewn and full of promise, just as so many of those early miners who dug the coal and minerals in Granite City almost a century back.

As the weekend wore on, and the duo magic ensued, we could feel the ghosts and the cold dry air, the clear water, and the mountian air lift our spirits. The spirit of Coalmont seems revived, like the wake of an unfortunate storm that left damage, but with dedication, could be rebuilt and overcome. We are looking forward to many more visits to this area.

* * *

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