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The Log Cabin Show · 6.03.06

A Passage to Whistler...without brakes or a vocal mike...

The Log Cabin Show

Johnny Wack, Hefe, Parry: Trio of Doom

Spences Bridge, B.C. Our recent power-trio at the Log Cabin Pub was received warmly by the folks up here in Spences Bridge. This pub is tres cool, as it features more posters from the Epic film "Easy Rider" than we have ever seen. First thing that comes to mind is when Dennis Hopper shouts from out of the jail cell:

"Parading without a permit? You gotta be kidding! I mean do you know who this IS man? THIS is Captain America! I'm Billy! Hey we're headliners baby! We played every fair in this part of the country... I mean for top dollar too!!!"

We also derived a lot of our energy in part from the last-minute discovery that we had forgotten microphones, which seem to be an important element of our concert...

Some fast action by El Hefe, well, to be honest, a quick break and enter at our friend Daryl's home in Ashcroft found a pristine Shure 58 ready to quickly mount and we were good to go! Good thing too, as I was fully prepared to do a three hour long rendition of Derek Smalls' "Jazz Odyssey". Another opportunity lost...

Former Rigalato Dan "madman" Parry was a storm of energy on the stage, helping both Hefe and Wack stay upright through three torchy sets of Country flavoured psychedelic rock.

Our hosts Laurie and John were very accomodating considering we had left half our brains back in Vancouver, but even more wonderful was the crowd of folks who embraced us all like old friends who never left town. The dance floor with thick with happy grins all night.

I think none of us shall forget the sound of the brakes failing while racing downhill towards Whistler the next day, or for that matter, Hefe's proclamation: "Never Cry ShitWolf!!"

* * *

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