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Going Polar · 8.01.07

Polar Bear Swim

Photo: Jonathan Simms

New Years Day reunited the Vancouver Police Department and Vancouver Life Guards in their annual joint task force to supervise safety for the participants and spectators at the 2007 Polar Bear Swim held at English Bay, This mutual effort has been ongoing for the past two decades. The day is long for the group with setting up equipment, organizing the teams, policing the revelers, reinvigorating the overexposed and closing the facility long after the swim spectacular was concluded. This year the group took time to introduce to local; children the equipment on site provided by the Parks Board, an overview of the planning of safety and other important facets of their essential services. At the conclusion of the briefing, head lifeguard, singer/songwriter Craig Jacks, lent song to the occasion as the children, police and lifeguards posed for the press to celebrate their time.

* * *

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