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Ashcroft B.C. · 31.01.05

Graduation declarations beaming from the ridge next to the town of Ashcroft, not unlike many Canadian cities, this rite of passage is evidence that graduation for many is a peak of performace. Good thing I never did.

Ashcroft, B.C. The locals gave us a warm welcome once again as we performed at the Ashcroft River Inn this past weekend. Along for the trip was Dr. Q who was quick to dis still medical advice to all those who needed. A recent disagreement with a wayward chain saw meant El Jefe was sporting another in jury, but Dr. Q was able to administer the appropriate meds and bandages. You can never fool a medical mind. Jefe tried to water down the meds, but Q. brought more meds than was needed. "Good for country, bad for blues..."

* * *

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